Our clients’ testimonials

At the moment the hardware and software system ‘Call processing centre’ works in the 24/7 mode and is an integral part of our technological process.

CTI Soft has proven itself as a good developer and an excellent implementer with high quality and prompt technical support.

Deployment of the system began on 11.04.2012, and by 15.06.2012 the first call from a citizen was received through the program. And to appreciate that, one has to take into account the scale of our business process: at the moment we service 711 large blocks of flats.

Valery A. Slobodchikov
Head of the information-analytical department of Zhilkompleks, JSC

Before our department was founded all calls were received through multiple telephone numbers…
…Sometimes it resulted in a situation that the percentage of missed calls for some numbers reached 90%. We assigned special people who could receive calls, and immediately the percentage of missed calls was reduced virtually to zero. Now all calls that used to arrived at 11 different telephone numbers arrive at the same one number…

Talking about the advantages we have gained – we register all calls we receive, regardless of what kind of calls they are. This allows us to analyze all calls and, on that basis of this analysis, to plan measures that will increase customer satisfaction

We have taken this load from the shoulders of the production dispatchers by means of transferring the customers’ calls to the Call-centre. Most of those calls aren’t relevant, and now the dispatchers handle only relevant issues and manage the production process… »

N.I. Smirnova,
The head of the I&R service of
Omsk Vodokanal, JSC.

On behalf of “Speak-up”, an English language learning centre, I would like to thank CTISoft, LTD, for the successful deployment of software for our company’s call-centre based on IP PBX Asterisk. The project was completedin full and on time…

While looking for a vendor we have looked at the experience of various IT companies that offer software for call centres. We have concluded that CTISoft, LTD is the best possible partner, because it can ensure the best result within our timeframe and budget. Our co-operation has proven that we haven’t made a mistake….

We are planning further development of our partnership with CTISoft, LTD, since we have seen that guarantees of success on the part of CTISoft, LTD are more than just words, but real guarantees confirmed by experience and actual deeds….

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V.G. Tregubov
“Speak-up, an educational centre of learning foreign languages”
Autonomous NGO

Deploying CTISoft, LTD’s software has allowed us to minimize routine operations, to increase the efficiency of the call-centre’s work and to improve significantly the quality of informational services we offer to the citizens…

…During our co-operation CTISoft has proven to be a tgeam of professionals and a reliable partner…

We would especially like to note such qualities of CTISoft as the promptness of their reaction to the client’s requests, their readiness to take their part in solving any problems at any moment and their ability to solve complex tasks…

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Kaluga oblast Vodokanal, LTD