Portal for investors

The project was developed for a privately owned investment group that makes large sales to people via the Internet. A separate database and resource base were created for alternative investments and futures contracts for individual investors, professional investment managers, representatives of brokers and investment enterprises. An intuitive and easy-to-use interface was developed to help the users to organize information about the company and the programme, search the database, systematize the results of the search and compare investment programmes. For investment programmes the system calculates financial statistics and presents it in a convenient, customizable format.

The powerful administration interface provides tools for managing accounts and information about companies and programmes, for activation/deactivation/deleting all available objects in the system and for acting on behalf of any user. The administrator can also set the cost of the service offered by the system and discounts available through advertising codes.

The system is a solution based on the Internet technologies. The system gives remote access to administrative functions and allows prospective clients to find information about investment companies, active investment programmes, to see the financial statistics, compare the completion of programmes, create their own companies and programmes, download and automatically send branding pages to the printer with all the information stored in the PDF format. The information about the programme is available in text and graphic formats and placed in tables.

The application provides different levels of access for different users’ roles. In this application four different users’ roles are presented: a basic user, a professional user, an investor and an administrator. The public part is accessible to unauthorized guests.

The public part is used to offer information about the system and allows the users to register and enter the system; it offers the data about the company and its investment base; all information pages are easily amended according to the client’s wishes.

Basic users don’t pay for registration. They can search the database and manage the observation lists using the page with the toolbar. But some statistics aren’t available to these users, and they have no access to branding functions. Basic users can’t receive the printer-friendly version of the data immediately after sending the request – this information is given to them 24 hours later.

Professional users: registration for these users is paid (the cost of the one-year subscription is set by the administrator). They can use the database and manage the observation lists via the toolbar page. Professional users also have full access to all statistics and branding function. Also, they can receive the printer-friendly version of their data immediately after sending the request.

Investors have access to all the functionality that basic users have and can subscribe for the professional users’ functionality. Besides, these users can publish information about investment programmes and run marketing campaigns.