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Every enterprise inevitably faces the tasks of improving the efficiency of interacting with clients. To serve a loyal client quickly and in a workmanlike manner, not to miss a single new phone call and at the same time to deliver information about your goods and services to all those who might find it useful and to reduce your spending on long-distance and even international calls, as well as to deploy a mini IP PBX or a call centre – these are the most widespread tasks a company’s management often has to solve these days.

Modern technologies such as VoIP offer a wide variety of solutions, but the choice of the best option for your business often turns out to be a complicated task. Only an expert can find a way through the variety of hardware, software, technologies, terms (VoIP, SIP, etc…). For example, to make the best choice between Asterisk and Panasonic one would have to know all features of both IP PBX’s as well as the specifics of your business.

Regardless of whether you are creating a call centre in your company or just would like to organize a corporate telephone network, you will have to go through the following stages:

  • Target setting
  • Choice of hardware and software
  • Configuring and adapting your hardware and software to match your business processes
  • Integration of the components of your infrastructure to each other.

We are ready to help you at every stage and ensure that you achieve practical results. We have accumulated significant experience in designing telecommunication services in a variety of companies with different specializations. Our specialists have developed software that can be effectively used both by a small group of operators and by a call centre that comprises tens or even hundreds of operators.

We have deployed our hardware and software system named I&R System for Housing and Utilities Sector, which has worked for years in I&R services of multiple Housing and Utilities Sector organizations throughout Russia.

Another example is the hardware and software system named Centre of Call Processing, which is a universal contact centre with a built-in CRM and is successfully used by telecommunication operators, medical institutions and other companies with a large client base.

If you are starting to feel that connections and communications are already becoming the bottleneck in your company, call us right now, and we will use all our resources and experience to help you with finding the best solution to match the specifics of your business.

Phone: +7 (495) 665 07 56 (multichannel)

Email: info@ctisoft.ru

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