Release of the sixth version of the Call centre software package


The specialists from the CTISoft, Ltd., have completed the development of the sixth version of the Call centre software package (Contact centre).

Since October 2013 the core of the new version will be used in all solution's deliveries to all new clients. The upgrade cost of the previous versions to the sixth one will be calculated depending on the discrepancy in version numbers as well as on the individual features of the version we are upgrading (integration with the customer's software, hardware configuration and telephony settings, presence or otherwise of additional modules or features). The users whose software receives technical maintenance from us, the new core will be installed as part of maintenance activities.

The main features of the new version:

  • Support of Asterisk 1.8
  • Optimized work with reports
  • Improved built-in softphone (added support of new versions of operation systems and audio device drivers, added functionality such as selecting an audio device or tuning the level of the sound)
  • Presence of an API – a library of functions that significantly increase the integration abilities when the system has to work with the customer's software. The API includes such functionality as call management, operator status management, etc...