Call Centre software package

Organizing effective communication between a company’s employees or between the company and the clients is an essential part of running successful business of any kind.

Using modern technologies such as VoIP for solving communication problems opens new opportunities for companies and allows them to significantly automate processing of clients’ requests, reduce the costs of communication and build united environment by means of integrating communication channels of different kinds and belonging to all branches and departments into a single telephone service.

The “Call centre” software package created by specialists working for CTI Soft Ltd. is meant to automate the work of the call centre of any organization that offers services to the public or to other organizations.
Using “Call centre” you can solve the following tasks important for any modern business:

  • Organizing the incoming call service (hot line);
  • Automating the technical support service (Service Desk);
  • Carrying out mass advertising campaigns.

“Call centre” is based on the Asterisk programming platform and has intuitive user interface that perfectly combines VoIP control elements with CRM elements.

If necessary, “Call centre” can be easily integrated into the whole informational structure of the organization or enterprise.
The user interface includes the following automated work places:

  • AWP of an operator;
  • AWP of a supervisor;
  • AWP of an administrator.

In “Call centre” we have implemented all the functionality necessary for a modern call centre to work effectively, including:

Working with incoming calls

  • Managing queues of incoming calls;
  • Distributing the load on operators based on their level of expertise;
  • Receiving incoming calls;
  • Automatically displaying information about the caller («opening» the client’s card)
  • Transferring calls to other operators including those with an “open” card;
  • Organizing teleconferences (adding consultants to the conversation, real time tapping);
  • Storing information received from a client in CRM (information about payments, promises to pay, etc…) using free or formalized comments;
  • Storing recorded conversations in CRM;
  • Search for information.

Outgoing calls

  • Dialing clients’ numbers from CRM;
  • Organizing calling campaigns both with operators involved and using the interactive voice response (IVR);
  • Displaying scenario of the conversation;
  • Storing information received from a client in CRM using free or formalized comments;
  • Storing recorded conversations in CRM;

Spreading information remotely

  • Organizing newsletters;
  • SMS campaigns;
  • E-mail campaigns.

Managing work

  • Managing lists of clients;
  • Managing lists of staff including their status information and work calendars
  • Operating accountancy and analytics.

The main advantages of “Call Centre” are:

  • Web access to functionality and data;
  • Intuitive user interface combining VoIP functions with CRM functions;
  • Option to create a united communication infrastructure for all the remote offices of the company;
  • Monitoring and management of the effectiveness of ever operator’s work and the whole call centre’s word.