Software for contact centres and registration offices of medical institutions

CTISoft’s specialists have developed a specialized software system that automates the work of contact centres and registration offices of various medical institutions, including:

  • Municipal and cost-accounting out-patients’ clinics
  • In-patient hospital departments
  • Ambulance stations
  • Veterinary clinics

The software system is an information system with a built-in module that manages incoming and outgoing phone calls.

Receiving and making calls can be done using physical telephone sets or virtual telephones built into the software.

The system we are offering demonstrates a high level of usability and has many features that make management of phone calls really effective.

The call and conference-call transferring module allows connecting a doctor and a patient within a fraction of a second, as well as adding one or several other experts to the call.

The built-in phone reference-guide contains phone numbers of the employees, as well as other frequently used numbers of various third parties. Therefore, in order to make a call the user doesn’t have to look for the number and dial it; it is enough just to click the necessary surname or an organization’s name with a mouse.

The system makes management of incoming calls very easy when the client would like to receive information about the clinic’s services, the doctors’ schedules or to make an appointment.

When the call arrives, the call-centre staff member can see all information about the calling client on the screen, along with the history of his/her previous visits.

Upon receiving the call, the client’s electronic card appears on the screen.

The employee can supply necessary information to the client or arrange for an appointment with the doctor. To do this, the employee opens the appointment-making mode with a click of the mouse, selects the specialist, finds free time on his schedule and registers the appointment.

At the same time with saving registered appointments the software generates a list of clients who need to be reminded about their appointments. The module significantly simplifies the procedure of making multiple calls, since the call is made by a single click on the client’s surname. And when the list of clients to be called becomes even longer, the procedure can be completely automated. The employee responsible for the calls will need only to talk to the client and register the result of the conversation.

Sending reminders by SMS is an addition or an alternative to the reminders made by phone calls.

From the client’s electronic card the user can also create a postponed call and assign that task to a doctor who needs to make a contact with a client. At a convenient time the doctor opens the list of assigned tasks (calls) and makes a call with a click of the mouse. The doctor doesn’t even have to be at his desk in the clinic. The access is possible from any place where there is an Internet connection, and the call can be organized between the doctor’s mobile number (or any other number) and the client’s number.

Actual and statistical reports generated by the software system offer the management of the medical institution important information that can be used to increase the efficiency of the organization’s work.