Call Centre – I&R System for Vodokanal

On the 4th of June, 2010, Rosvodokanal Group of Companies – the largest private vendor in the area of water supply and sewerage in Russia – announced a tender to supply equipment and software for the I&R services (call centres) of its subsidiaries located in four Russian cities: Omsk, Tver, Kaluga and Krasnodar. On the 5th of July of the same year CTISoft, Ltd., was declared the winner.
The need to deploy the hardware and software system in four cities of Russia simultaneously mad this project especially complicated, but the specialists of CTISoft have completed the task successfully and within a limited time frame.
The work was carried out in two stages: in August the equipment was supplied and in September and October all work related to deployment of the software was done. In November in all four cities the call centres were already put into operation.
In each company 4 to 15 automated workstations were installed for operators, one for the Service Head and one for the Administrator. The automated hardware and software system allows processing of clients’ requests, storing them in a centralized database, informing the population about the events organized by the company and carrying our marketing campaigns by means of mass calling, text messaging and email newsletters.
The deployment of the system has increased the quality of the work with clients thanks to:
  • Providing for strict regulations for processing clients’ requests
  • Reducing the time of processing requests
  • Monitoring work on clients’ requests
  • Informing clients about the statuses of their requests
  • Increasing the level of the clients’ knowledge about Vodokanal’s activities.

The statistics module of the system allows analysis of the clients’ needs and estimation of their satisfaction with the quality of received services. (More details about Call Centre software package …)

After the work was completed, another agreement was reached with CTISoft, to support and develop the system.

In Omsk in the call centre the users of the system have noticed that the deployment of the system has reduced the number of missed calls practically to zero, while in the days before its deployment the number of missed calls for some numbers reached 90%.

In Kaluga, our work has also received flattering feedback.

“We would especially like to note such qualities of CTISoft as the promptness of their reaction to the client’s requests, their readiness to take their part in solving any problems at any moment and their ability to solve complex tasks”, - this is what was said about our work by V.A. Kazantsev, the CEO of Kaluga oblast Vodokanal, LTD