Hardware and Software System “IP PBX” in the Call Centre of the International Centre of Learning Foreign Languages “Speak Up”

In March 2011 the call centre of the International Centre of Learning Foreign Languages “Speak Up” put into operation the hardware and software system based on IP PBX Asterisk and software developed by CTISoft, Ltd. Prior to that, there was hard work done by the specialists from CTISoft, LTD., deploying both the hardware and the software part of the system.

The International Centre of Learning Foreign Languages “Speak Up” was founded in 2000. The basic method of teaching at Speak Up is the method called “immersion in the language” that uses the new generation of multimedia software to create the desired effect. Individual approach to learning the language and flexible scheduling that allows every student to decide when it’s the most convenient for him/her to attend classes, have resulted in fast growing popularity of Speak Up among the English language learners, but at the same time increased the load on the call centre significantly. The need to process tens of thousands of incoming calls every day – and that’s just in Moscow – created the situation that made Speak Up’s management think of deploying cutting-edge technologies.

Speak Up took serious approach to choosing the vendor and chose CTISoft after studying the existing market of hardware and software for call centres.

The work on the project was done in two stages. At the first stage the hardware was installed and connected – IP PBX Asterisk and the telephone lines. At the second stage additional software modules were deployed, allowing control of the call centre work and the handling system’s settings.

The system allows its users to manage the calls, listen to conversations in real time, record conversations, search through them and a lot more. Also, features for organizing conference calls and text chats are included.

“On behalf of “Speak-up”, an English language learning centre, I would like to thank CTISoft, LTD, for the successful deployment of software for our company’s call-centre based on IP PBX Asterisk. The project was completed in full and on time”, — noted V.G. Tregubov, the CTO of the Centre, upon completion of the project.

In his opinion, “the quality of interaction with clients and the efficiency of the work of the call centre” has improved as the result of deploying the hardware and software system.

“We are planning further development of our partnership with CTISoft, LTD, since we have seen that guarantees of success on the part of CTISoft, LTD are more than just words, but real guarantees confirmed by experience and actual deeds”, — added Mr Tregubov.