Call Processing Centre – for Housing and Utilities Sector

"General management company" is the largest company in Penza that professionally manages blocks of flats and adjacent areas. Its most important task was in increase the quality of servicing its clients at all stages of interacting with them. The key to solving this problem was in the cutting-edge technologies, so in May 2011 the project involving deployment of the Call Centre software package in the company started.

"General management company" serves 2686 blocks of flats, which is more than 75% of Penza’s housing stock. It subcontracts to 30 municipal unitary enterprises, emergency services, public transportation, repair services and other units. Deployment of the system has allowed significant improvement of coordination of work between all subcontractors and of collecting consumers’ feedback.
CTISoft, LTD., was chosen as a vendor.
Our Call Centre software package has a lot of technical features, which make our software especially user-friendly (the one window interface, a built-in softphone) and flexible (the system has multiple roles that have different permissions to access the software’s features).
The basic version of the software for the companies belonging to Housing and Utilities Sector was developed to cater for remote interaction with clients through a call centre. Citizens’ requests made by telephone are registered in the system via a special request form, which is stored in the system, and phone conversations are recorded. While teaching new operators to use the system, the “prompter” mode is used, and, if necessary, the operator can transfer the call to a more experienced colleague; there’s also a “conference” mode. The software also implements some other functions, such as automatically generated set of reports.
In Penza the system was deployed in three stages.
At the first stage completed in May 2011 the call centre software was installed and configured. The operators from the General management company immediately started receiving calls from the city’s residents. At the second stage we installed the basic version of software for the organizations, which allowed automation of the main business-process service receiving requests from the citizens.
The third stage involved adding new functionality to the existing software catering to the customer’s additional needs.
New fields were added to the database: "Completion deadline", "Response deadline", "Personal account", "Debt", statuses of requests and the history of status changes and new features such as request copying and filtering.
When the request is saved to the phone of the "Assignee" a text message is sent, informing the assignee about a new request from a client.
The Assignee role was added to the system. Only such functions as telephony, request viewing, adding information to the "Work done" field in "Request" and attaching files to request assigned to this assignee are available for this role. The rest of the system's features are not accessible. This role is assigned by the department, directly responsible for processing the request.
The updated version of the system can generate the following reports:
  • Report by crews
  • Report by received calls
  • Report by "Assignee" with such options as selecting a status and converting into an Excel file
  • Report by overdue completed requests
  • Report by overdue non-completed requests
All reports can be generated for a certain period of time, selected by the system’s user.
Another new and convenient function is called "request status". It allows controlling the discipline of request processing. There are the following statuses: "Accepted", "In progress", "Completed", "In review", "Closed". The "Accepted" status is automatically assigned to any request at registration. After the request is opened by an "Assignee", the status is changed to "In progress", etc...
For the request visualization form colour marking is implemented. Dynamic updates of the colouring take place depending on the time that remains till completion deadline, such as: 5 days before completion the status is displayed in yellow; 3 days before completion it is changed to orange. After the status is changed by an operator or an administrator to "Closed", the row with this request is marked in light-green. Overdue requests are marked in red.
Also, additional functions are implemented for working with the database of registered clients. For example, the client’s address is automatically filled in after being derived from the phone number, it’s possible to view the request statistics for the entire block of flats, view the client’s current debts and other necessary information.
Using our system, "General management company" regularly receives thanks from clients for prompt reactions to their problems. In their turn, our customer expresses satisfaction in the user-friendly and multifunctional system.
"Consultancy and explanatory work helps us with establishing good contacts with the residents and mutual understanding with them", – thinks Vyacheslav Stoyanov, the CEO of "General management company", Ltd, – "for four months the call centre software helps us get the most reliable information on how our clients are served in reality, as well as control the speed and the quality of work".