About the "Cutting-edge technologies in the area of water supply and sewerage" seminar.


6 July 2011 in Serebryanye Prudy, Moscow Oblast, a seminar named "Cutting-edge technologies in the area of water supply and sewerage" took place. CEO of CTISoft, Ltd., who was attending the seminar, delivered a speech about the I&R system for call centres of the companies working in the area of water supply and sewerage ("Call centre").

The system is used to automate the process of processing the consumers’ requests delivered on the phone; it allows control of the request handling and processing by the corresponding departments responsible for the work. It also allows informing the applicants of the condition of their requests. User-friendly interface offers the users the most comfortable working conditions and simplifies the training significantly. All interactions with the system are done via a "thin client" (a web browser), which simplifies administration a great deal. (More about the "Call centre" I&R system). In his speech CEO of CTISoft, Ltd., covered in detail the advantages of using the “Call centre” I&R system and how it allows the companies of Housing and Utilities Sector increase the fastness of their reaction and improve the culture of their service while reducing the number of complaints on the part of the service consumers and carrying out effective analysis of the work.