In May 2012 I&R Service was put into operation in Zhilkompleks, JSC., of Korolyov.


In May 2012 I&R Service was put into operation in Zhilkompleks, JSC., of Korolyov.

In the care of Zhilkompleks, JSC., there are 739 blocks of flats or 2305.6 thousand square kilometres of livable area. The main functions of the company are

  • Managing municipal housing stock and non-residental stock
  • Planning and controlling the amount of work, its quality and deadlines in such areas as maintenance, repairs and public utility service.

The I&R system was created to solve the following problems:

  • Receiving and registering clients’ requests via a multichannel dedicated phone line
  • Processing clients’ requests registered through the company’s website
  • Controlling the quality of processing the requests
  • Providing for collecting feedback from clients
  • Consulting clients on the phone
  • Managing information streams in the company

In its work the system uses the Call centre software package developed by CTISoft, Ltd.
Locally, the activities of Zhilkompleks, JSC., are performed by its territorial departments, which belong to its organizational structure. Jobs related to maintenance and repairs of the housing stock are performed by maintenance sections.
Therefore, one of the main requirements to the hardware and software comprising the system was to provide an opportunity for all remote departments and subcontractors to work with the system. To fulfil this requirement the system contains Assignee Workstations, and physical access to the system is provided via a safe VPN channel.
In addition to the basic functionality of the system the following feature were implemented:

  • Support of the regulating rules for request processing, Assignee management, request status control
  • Client feedback collecting functionality, imforming the clients about their requests being completed via phone and email
  • Email newsletter campaigns