Deployment of the Call centre software package in Podolsk Vodokanal has been successfully completed.


In June 2012 deployment of the hardware and software system for call-centres was successfully completed in municipal unitary enterprise Vodokanal of Podolsk city.

Vodokanal of Podolsk is the largest company in Moscow Oblast working in this area. Issues related to the quality of the offered services and consumers' feedback receive a lot of attention from the company’s management, which is why the system of quality monitoring has been employed.
But without an automated system that registers and controls processing of requests and complaints it is hard to classify the requests from callers, carry out detailed analysis or control the process of processing requests for its conforming with the regulation rules.
In order to further increase the quality of the processing of the residents' requests in the spring of the current year (2012) the management of the company decided to deploy the Call centre software and hardware package developed by CTISoft, Ltd., which is based on the modern SIP telephony technology. The project was successfully completed in two months. During the first stage registration of requests through the system will be done via the main dispatcher board and in the subscribers' department. Later, the system will be expanded to cover other departments of the company.
The central goal of the project was to organize control of the registration and processing all clients’ requests and providing for collecting feedback from them.
In order to maintain the regulating rules of the process of working with requests, in the deployed software the following functionality was implemented:

  • Workstation of an assignee
  • Module for managing statuses of requests and the deadlines of their completion
  • The "Quality Manamement Department Staff" role and appropriate functionality