Collecting agency call centre

Specialists in a collecting agency every day, as a routine task, communicate with tens of thousands of debtors, receive incoming calls and participate in call campaigns. In the process of talking to a debtor the specialist exchanges a lot of information with the client, and, if the specialist makes mistakes, it can detrimentally affect the business of the company. Controlling the work of all staff is just as important, as well as controlling every regional office and every employee. This is necessary to manage the effectiveness of the work of the company, create motivation schemes and reduce the risks to reputation.

The purpose of the project was development and deployment of a hardware/software system meant to automate the remote stage of collecting overdue debts.

The project, having been developed, has become a full-scale telecommunication service built upon the Asterisk platform and integrated with a CRM system storing the information on debtors.

Deployment of the system has allowed us to create a united informational infrastructure in more than ten remote offices of the company and to considerably improve the effectiveness of the company’s work by means of automating the main business process.

Main features of the system:

Working with incoming calls

  • Managing queues of incoming calls;
  • Receiving incoming calls;
  • Automatically displaying information about the caller («opening» the client’s card)
  • Transferring calls to other operators including those with an “open” card;
  • Organizing teleconferences (adding consultants to the conversation, real time tapping);
  • Storing information received from a client in CRM (information about payments, promises to pay, etc…) using free or formalized comments;
  • Storing recorded conversations in CRM;
  • Search for information.

Outgoing calls

  • Dialing debtors’ numbers from CRM;
  • Organizing calling campaigns;
  • Displaying scenario of the conversation;
  • Storing information received from a client in CRM using free or formalized comments;
  • Storing recorded conversations in CRM;

Spreading information remotely

  • Organizing newsletters;
  • SMS campaigns;

Managing work

  • Managing lists of debtors;
  • Managing lists of staff including their status information and work calendars
  • Operating accountancy and analytics.